Creativity Kitty

Kitty Santangelo

Creative artwork, bijouterie and interior decoration.

Kitty career

Kitty was born in the cold and deserted Argentinian Patagonian steppe, into a family of Italian immigrants. From a very young age, she developed a deep love for the plastic arts, particularly for reproducing or finding the beauty of common objects, those that people usually discard. This passion for the arts stayed with her throughout her life, even as she took a hiatus to start a family.

After returning to her art studies, Kitty pursued a varied and profound education in fine arts, studying at prestigious institutions and learning from notable mentors. Her dedication and hard work paid off, and she has since enjoyed a successful career as a plastic artist, receiving recognition and praise for her work both nationally and internationally.

Kitty settled in Southern Spain in 2001 and exhibited her works locally  and also  in prestigious international exhibitions in Luxembourg, Paris, Antwerp and Marbella.

Presently she is working mainly in paintings using a mixed technique of collage and brushstroke but also designing bijouterie and decorating bars and restaurants. It deserves special mention the restaurant-art gallery that she created in Estepona during the pandemics using mainly objects discarded or found in recycling pits.

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